August 5, 2021

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“The majority are still lagging behind men”

Arvielo’s social media profile, with which she actively beats the diversity drum, has attracted at least as much attention as her business successes. She describes herself as a mentor for women and has become a carrier of her professional ambitions.

“I think women hold back by not asking about their worth; because they don’t even know what they’re worth. I always tell them, teach women and make sure you know what your worth is, ”she said.

She prides itself on the fact that at least 60% of New American Funding employees are women, and points out that the industry average is still well below that at 38%. As a first-generation Hispanic American, she also said she was determined to make sure Latino women follow her meteoric path.

Regarding minority lending, she said her company has made great strides in promoting more home ownership among black communities, such as the New American Dream initiative, which aims to improve access to loan programs, among other things. However, she heavily criticized successive US governments for not doing enough.

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