May 16, 2021

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The RMD Podcast #21: Jamie Hopkins of Carson Group, Academy for Home Equity in Financial Planning

RMD looks forward to welcoming you Professor Jamie Hopkins, Managing Director of Carson Coaching and Director of Retirement Research at Carson Group as well as a member of the Academy for Home Equity in Financial Planning to The RMD Podcast for a broad discussion!

The reverse mortgage industry underwent a unique stress test during the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which also impacted the financial planning area. To further gauge how this impact could play out, we asked Jamie Hopkins to discuss what he sees on the academic side in both areas, as well as his thoughts on how the reverse mortgage industry needed to change after other forced changes thereon.

Listen to this episode of The RMD Podcast learn:

Why emotions are such an important driver of financial decisions for people

What the reverse mortgage industry has done well to respond to change, including those narrated by the FHA and those enforced by COVID-19

The evolving perspectives of financial planners on the use of home equity, including for reverse mortgages

What First Put Hopkins into the Crease of the Reverse Mortgage Industry and the Academy for Home Equity in Financial Planning

And more!

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