July 30, 2021

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Thrive Mortgage Corporation Partners With Homebot Client-For-Life Portal

DENVER, June 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Homebot, Inc., Providers of the award-winning Client for Life portal that enables consumers to build wealth through home ownership, announced today a partnership with an independent mortgage lender. Thrive mortgage. This partnership improves the customer experience and helps Thrive Mortgage Loan Officers build lasting relationships that go well beyond the transaction.

“Thrive Mortgage’s mission is to bring our customers the legendary credit experience,” said James Duncan, Director of Marketing for Thrive Mortgage. “We use the best of technology and a world-class loan origination process to achieve this. Our partnership with Homebot fulfills three main goals that we have with every technology platform we use. First, to provide personalized home finance insights to every existing Thrive customer. Connection with existing or potential homeowners who could benefit from a relationship with Thrive and our experts. And third, seamless integrations with all other platforms within our existing technology ecosystem. “

In addition to educating customers about their unique home financing situation with tailored content and integrating with other platforms and services, Homebot has shown a sharp increase in engagement with customers and business partners after completing a large cross-section of Thrive Mortgage production teams and / or business partners.

Regarding some of the top integrations, Thrive is actively promoting homebot integrations with world-class productivity tools like Mortgage Coach, LeadPops, and BombBomb, as well as future integrations on the horizon. Innovation is at the core of their company values ​​and an integrated technology ecosystem that streamlines the way they attract, engage and retain customers is a top priority.

About Thrive Mortgages

Thrive Mortgage is a fast growing independent mortgage lender based in Georgetown, Texas. Since its founding in 2001 as a family-owned brokerage company, the company has seen increasing origination growth as well as a national presence and numerous industry awards. By 2018 it was clear that the company had outgrown its humble beginnings and renamed it to a more nationally recognized name: Thrive Mortgage. The company is currently licensed to do business in thirty-nine states with aggressive plans to expand into several strategic market areas in the near future.

The first lender in the State of Texas To complete a 100% digital mortgage, Thrive Mortgage is constantly at the forefront of innovation and seeks ways to improve the consumer experience through advances in technology. Thrive Mortgage’s strength lies in its people, from the direct agents working with clients to strategize for their long-term financial success, to the operational support teams who create a seamless and efficient personal loan preparation process. For this reason they say: “Alone we dream. Together we prosper!”

About Homebot

Founded in 2015, Homebot is a customer-for-life portal that maximizes the repeat and referral business for lenders by enabling consumers to build wealth through home ownership. The award-winning portal delivers personalized, actionable information across the entire life cycle of a home ownership to every customer and prospect. With an average monthly engagement rate of 50%, Homebot ensures that lenders and brokers remain the trusted advisors consumers rely on to make informed decisions about the greatest asset they could ever own, their home. Homebot is based in Denver, Colorado.

Media contact: Luca Jordan, [email protected]

SOURCE Homebot, Inc.