September 17, 2021

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Thrive Mortgage Partners With Homebot For Client-For-Life Portal

Homebot announced a partnership with Thrive Mortgage Corporation to improve the company’s customer experience and help Thrive loan officers build deep customer relationships.

“Thrive Mortgage’s mission is to deliver a legendary credit experience to our customers,” said James Duncan, Director of Marketing, Thrive Mortgage. “We are using the best of technology and a world class loan preparation process to make this happen. Our partnership with Homebot fulfills three main goals that we pursue with every technology platform we use. First, to provide personalized home finance insights to each existing Thrive customer. Second, connecting with existing or potential homeowners who could benefit from a relationship with Thrive and our experts. And third, seamless integrations with all other platforms within our existing tech ecosystem. “

Homebot’s technology can be used to educate customers about their home financing situation with tailored content and can be integrated with other platforms and services.

Thrive is actively promoting homebot integrations with productivity tools like Mortgage Coach, LeadPops, and BombBomb, as well as future integrations on the horizon. The company says innovation is at the core of its values ​​and an integrated technology ecosystem that streamlines the way customers are attracted, engaged and retained is a top priority for Thrive.