May 18, 2021

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Tim Steller’s opinion: Tucson’s latest real estate run-up claims victims | Local news

“Sometimes you just have to go slowly,” said Randall. “If this is your business, that’s part of the bill – a family that might have these problems.”

Michael Wilson, a 30-year-old Tucson attorney, told First Federal that he would be approved for a loan to complete a $ 210,000 sale.

“At first they agreed to this for a day or two,” he said. “I worked with a family friend who is a mortgage broker. Within a few days, they said they didn’t want to wait that long for me to go through the loan process. “

Then Michael Wilson’s uncle Lewis Moore entered. Moore, Lisa Wilson’s brother, is a lawyer based in Phoenix. On March 31, he made a cash offer of $ 210,000.

The owners never responded, family members said.

“They didn’t want to sell to me or anyone in my family,” said Lisa Wilson. “They said we were harassing them by trying to buy the house for me.”

“We buried him on Tuesday and they had a policeman behind me on Friday.”

After the Wilsons turned down the sale, First Federal agreed to let Lisa Wilson stay for the month of April while she pays the rent. But the new owners canceled it, said Michael Wilson. Instead of straightening out her affairs and planning a property sale, she rushed out in front of the cop last week.