September 17, 2021

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Top 15-year fixed rate mortgages in the US

4. Guaranteed price

  • Annual interest: 2.165%
  • Lender’s Fees: $ 690
  • Total interest: $ 40,489
  • Monthly payment: $ 1,559

The Guaranteed Rate is licensed to operate in all 50 states and allows borrowers to apply online to save on prepayment and closing costs. You can securely upload and sign your documents, but the closing must be done in person.

Additionally, the Chicago-based lender provides detailed sample sentences for its 15 year fixed rate mortgage products to help borrowers compare their offers.

The lender has an average lending fee of $ 1,290 through the end of 2020 but also allows a $ 600 loan.

In addition, Guaranteed Rate offers great deals and great interest rates for creditworthy customers. Conversely, borrowers with a credit score of 620 and below may struggle to qualify due to the more stringent requirements of the lender.

5. SoFi

  • Annual interest: 2.213%
  • Lender’s Fees: $ 1,495
  • Total interest: $ 40,489
  • Monthly payment: $ 1,559

Based in California, SoFi makes mortgage loans in Washington, DC and all states except New York, Missouri, New Mexico, West Virginia and Hawaii.