September 17, 2021

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United Wholesale Mortgage pilots in-house appraisal program

“We understand the importance of independent mortgage brokers to get a quick and efficient valuation of the home of their borrowers,” said President and CEO Mat Ishbia in a live Facebook announcement.

Ishbia added that the new team will use “modern technology” like tracking systems and communication alerts to ensure 100% transparency and transparency.

“We know the evaluation process has been challenging in our industry for a long time,” he said. “We take out 60,000 loans per month with UWM, so it was critical for us to come up with a solution to improve this part of the process. We already have the best underwriting, technology and people in the country, and now we will have the best valuation process. “

UWM said it won’t pocket administration fees. Instead, the reviewers are paid in full upon completion of the assessment. The program is currently in the pilot phase and will be fully released on October 1st in all 50 states.