September 19, 2021

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Virginia Beach Mayor delivers 2021 State of the City address virtually

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. – Virginia Beach Mayor Robert M. “Bobby” Dyer virtualized his third annual address for the city’s state.

Mayor Dyer’s address focused on how Virginia Beach demonstrated how to “improvise, adapt and meet” the challenges of 2020, including the coronavirus pandemic.

The address on the state of the city highlighted that some companies were expanding during the pandemic and others were moving to the city, creating more jobs.

Mayor Dyer said more than 1,700 new jobs were created and $ 228 million invested to support their business over the past year. The city estimates the economic return after 20 years at $ 55.8 million.

Virginia Beach also had its highest hotel occupancy in 18 straight weeks, Mayor Dyer said.

The address highlighted the following programs that had been adopted to help businesses and local residents make ends meet through the pandemic, including:

  • Implementation of a meal tax leave;
  • Deferring tax payments and filing tax returns;
  • Providing tax breaks on real estate and personal property for senior citizens and disabled citizens; and
  • Providing financial assistance to qualified city services customers experiencing difficulties due to COVID-19 and suspending service interruptions
  • Helping people pay their mortgages
  • Dedicated $ 1.7 million to support 19 different art and cultural nonprofits based in Hampton Roads and 20 community organizations

Mayor Dyer also focused on the various improvement projects across the city. There are a total of 14 projects valued at $ 22 million.

Improvement projects include $ 17 million road improvements in the resort area, as well as new showers, toilets and changing rooms on the coast.

The mayor concluded his address by saying, “One thing we know for sure: the people of Virginia Beach are the strength of Virginia Beach. And together we will be the model of how a community can come together. And now it is our time and shine as a “community of one”.

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