September 28, 2021

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Weston mortgage broker under scrutiny for loans he made to Haiti in wake of assassination

MIRAMAR, Florida. – A somber ceremony was held in Haiti on Thursday as people gathered to pay tribute to the late President Jovenel Moise, with another scheduled in Miami’s Little Haiti that evening.

The commemorations took place the day before the president’s funeral. It’s been more than two weeks since Moise was murdered in his home. His wife was also injured and taken to South Florida for treatment. At least 26 people, some with South Florida connections, were arrested in connection with the conspiracy.

And now we learn that a Weston mortgage broker and insurance agent, who also makes loans, is being investigated for his role in funding the operation to assassinate the President of Haiti.

Walter Veintemilla, President of Worldwide Capital Lending Group, Worldwide Mortgage Lending Group, WWIDG, Ultimate Insurance Group, may have funded those involved in the assassination. Haitian authorities claim that the money for the attack went through Veintemilla and his Miramar-based company.


But his attorney, Robert Nicholson of Fort Lauderdale, told the Miami Herald that his client brokered a loan to effect a peaceful transfer of power in Haiti and nothing else.

“My client had nothing to do with the assassination,” Nicholson, a former US assistant attorney, told the newspaper. “At no time have there been discussions or proposals for a plan to forcefully topple the Haitian government or assassinate the president. “

We wanted to ask Veintemilla for ourselves. So we went to his office hoping to talk to him about a loan he allegedly made to Christian Emmanuel Sanon, the doctor and pastor who had ambitions to become president without being elected. And also the money that Veintemilla may have donated to the Doral company, GTU Security, which supposedly put together the team of Colombian commandos.

As we walked to the door of the nondescript building that houses the Worldwide Capital Lending Group, a grandiose name for a mortgage, insurance and credit company, the person on the loudspeaker said that Veintemilla was not available.


They said they would deliver our message to him. We tried several times to reach Veintemilla and Nicholson. You have not contacted us.

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