July 31, 2021

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What it takes to become a top subservicer

How did TMS Subservicing become one of the top 10 subservicers in the country? After years as an originator, the company took everything it had learned and spent most of the last decade improving the service experience for everyone involved.

TMS initially focused on improving the little things, which resulted in the company posting some impressive stats including:

  • 90% resolution of the first call
  • Less than 5% drop-out rate
  • 98% customer satisfaction
  • Over 500,000 borrowers

These are just the numbers, of course. The real story is how TMS Subservicing got there. TMS doesn’t want people to wait on the phone, and it recognizes that solving problems quickly is good for both business and you. For this reason, the subservicer assigns a single contact person to each lender. Whenever you have a problem, someone you know will fix it quickly. After leaving the origins behind TMS Subservicing, it has fully focused on subservicing. It knows what makes you and your customers happy and what makes your portfolio perform well.

The mantra at TMS Subservicing has always been to “let happiness grow”. That is why they have developed innovative tools, such as the powerful, user-friendly service portal SIME (Serving Intelligence Made Easy), which offers complete transparency and 100% access to your portfolio. They ensure that customer calls are answered quickly (within 90 seconds and often much less). That’s why you speak to a person live to answer questions and solve problems to keep dropout rates low.

First in First Call Resolution

In order to quickly get the right answers for lenders and customers, TMS Subservicing has given a lot of thought and worked on solving initial calls. Research shows that resolving issues the first time you call is the best lenders can do to improve customer service. To this end, the customer care team receives more than 220 hours of training. The subservicer calls every member of his call center a CAREologists, because they take incredible care with every call. This has resulted in TMS delivering consistently 90% first call resolution, including a 12 month averages of 89% and 91% in March 2021.

In the knowledge

In order to do your job at the optimal level, you need critical information to act on customer affairs, and you need it now.

SIME allows you to proactively monitor borrowers’ payment history and help them stay up to date. It also helps you find refinancing options, lower your arrears, and maximize your earnings. The award-winning SIME portal makes managing your portfolio easy in many ways by allowing you to view customizable dashboards and hundreds of reports 24/7, access credit level details or raw data at the touch of a button, and listen to customers. Call recordings on demand.

“Maintenance is the start of the second sales cycle. We wanted a subservicer that would allow us to stay proactive and in front of our customers, ”said Eddy Perez, CEO of EPM. “It’s very easy with SIME technology. There was no subservicer other than TMS Subservicing who put us in the game of the second sales cycle. “

Put the servicer back into subservicing

TMS Subservicing has Freddie, Fannie, Ginnie, Fitch Rating, FNMA Star, Conventional Loans, FHA Loans, VA Loans, and more. And the company offers it all with exceptional service, as shown by the latest customer satisfaction rating of 98%. Click here to learn more about it Partnership with TMS Subservicing.