September 17, 2021

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Winchell donates to Friends of Cardington, pool

CARDINGTON – Villager Jackie Winchell represented the Morrow County Swim Club in 1968 when she served on the committee that took out an FHA loan to finance the construction of a new Cardington swimming pool. Her position was so appropriate because she cared about swimming, especially teaching.

When the Cardington Pool became a reality on Memorial Day 1969, Jackie was there teaching swimming, and she stayed in that role until 1985. Each of those years, Jackie could be found by the pool between Memorial Day and Labor Day, patiently leading a youngster in the movements of swimming. “She believed that every child should be able to swim,” said her daughter Char Osborn. Winchell was also the pool’s first manager.

As a result of your recent charitable donation to Friends of Cardington, these lessons will continue to be available to children and others at the Cardington Swimming Pool. Winchell’s donation of $ 12,000 will be split equally between the Friends of Cardington, $ 6,000 and the Cardington Swimming Pool, $ 6,000.

Wes Goodman, Secretary of Friends of Cardington said, “The Friends of Cardington are thrilled to use Jackie’s very generous gift to directly help and enrich the community she loves. It’s a game changer for us. Not only does this mean we can do more of the street fair and other events this year, but it also means the opportunity to make some investment in the future to ensure our community continues to thrive. We are blessed to have someone like Jackie calling our town ‘home’. She is a true friend of Cardington. “

Lori Landon Vance, Cardington Swimming Pool Manager for 13 years, said: “The donation will enable us to continue providing swimming lessons at an affordable price and with a low student-to-guard ratio. We are also able to serve many customers with special needs individually. As the pool manager for the past 13 years, I would like to thank Jackie for the donation and we will be blessed to be able to offer high quality teaching for many years to come. “

Pool Board President Bryan Seymour said, “I was surprised. It is an honor to know that someone is looking after the pool’s relaxation area. We plan to use the money for swimming lessons and it’s nice to know that the people in the community are taking care of children. “

Mayor Susie Peyton said, “Jackie’s generous donation to the Board and Friends will bring new experiences to the youth of the village,” and Lea Maceyko, President of Friends of Cardington, said, “For me this is the result of actions taken in a small City, village. We can all come together. I love that people go out and help each other in the community. “

On behalf of her mother, her daughter said, “She is just happy to be doing this for the community.”

Pictured from left: Wes Goodman, Secretary of the Friends of Cardington; Cardington’s Mayor Susie Peyton; Rick Mitchell, member of the Friends of Cardington, Jackie Winchell, who made the donation to Friends and the Swimming Pool; LeAnne Gompf and Gene Gompf, members of the Friends of Cardington; and Mike and Kay Patterson, members of Friends of Cardington.